Included Feature List AuditNavigator™ - Feature Specification List

AuditNavigator™ is the next generation audit and appeal system that enables you to move from just tracking to automating many of the manual processes previously performed by your staff. AuditNavigator™ gathers information from commercial payer portals, RAC websites, the Medicare/FISS system, remittance files, and uses this information to automatically populate new audits as well as update the status and financial information for existing audits. Automating these processes frees up staff time for other needs and reduces costs.

AuditNavigator supports all payer types including commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Medicaid, etc. From initial request to final appeal the system tracks and helps managed the entire process. 95% of document submissions can be performed electronically which are queued and processed in background to further free up staff time. Each electronic submission is tracked, and delivery disposition is recorded and attached to the respective account.

Central to the system is the workflow and tracking functions. An account is tracked throughout the entire process from inception to fulfilling requested information to appeal tracking to follow up. The system monitors the lifecycle of the account.

AuditNavigator can also help you manage the appeal process for denials generated from the remittance process. The system imports denials that require appeals electronically initiates the workflow for the appeal and continues to track these at each level of appeal required.

AuditNavigator keeps your systems up to date. Information generated within AuditNavigator can be electronically updated to your EHR, billing or financial systems so that all users know the current status of an account being worked on in the system.

AuditNavigator has both traditional reporting and business intelligence features.


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