Outpatient Operations Assessment

The first step in a hospital financial turnaround is to evaluate the outpatient operational documentation, coding and billing efficiency. The Wellington Group has been doing these types of assessments for providers nationwide since the mid 1990’s and has a proven track record of identifying and correcting operational inefficiencies while improving the overall bottom line. The review will focus on those outpatient departments that provide the majority of the revenue from an outpatient perspective. The assessment will look at the charge capture, documentation support, coding (whether it is CDM or HIM based) and billing to identify where transactional processes need improvement to ensure a clean, compliant outpatient claim is produced. Historically, the departments that are reviewed are Emergency Room, Surgery, Infusion Centers, Cancer Centers, Radiation Therapy, Cardiology Services, Interventional Radiology, HIM and Business Office. The Operations Assessment is the first step in restoring profitability to hospitals that need financial improvement.


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