Ambulatory Revenue Manager™

Using Wellington software gives you the protection of having every account reviewed by a team of expert clinicians, expert coders and auditors so you can correct it before it leaves your hands. A tireless billing monitor that reviews every account with over 3,000 clinical and compliance edits, Wellington’s ARM and Inpatient Revenue Mangers provide the highest level of review.

Edits from several categories and several clinical departments work to identify errors such as incomplete or missing service charges and drug dosage irregularities while still maintaining compliance. Tens of thousands of chart reviews from 10 years of experience have helped Wellington customize software that addresses the needs of both inpatient and outpatient services: software that leads to better coding, better compliance, and increased reimbursement.

Updated quarterly to reflect changes in coding regulations and medical services, the Ambulatory Revenue Manager and Inpatient Revenue Manager offer service that stays current. In addition, the software identifies problem areas so you can continue to improve your charge capture process.

Like any good manager, the ARM and the Inpatient Revenue Manager are constantly reviewing your claims for errors and helping you improve with tools to support root cause analysis.


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